Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have a TWO year old!!

I can't believe that Blake is TWO!  He is so much fun and has so much to say about everything. He has learned so many words and trys so hard to talk to us.  We are so grateful to have him in our lives and couldn't picture life without him.  This is my Blake Gratitude list.

-I am grateful that Blake is TWO instead of a newborn.
-I am grateful that Blake still needs an eye rub when he needs to be comforted.  If you have ever had the opportunity to experience one of Blake's eyerubs than you would be grateful to.  
-I am grateful that Blake and I share this conversation about 30 times a day...over and over.
-Blake: "Mommy?"
-Me: "What?"
-Blake: "What?"
-I am grateful that Blake likes to be outside.  He would be all day if I would let him.
-I am grateful that Blake says his prayers...or tries.
-I am grateful that Blake likes the babysitters we get for him.
-I am grateful for Blake's bright blue eyes.
-I am grateful that Blake loves his Daddy.
-I am grateful for Blake's orange Keens.  Aren't I a little bit shallow.
-I am grateful that I get to be Blake's mom.
-I am grateful so grateful for Blake and all that makes him him.  There are so many more small things that we get to experience daily. 
March 22, 2007
A day in the life of Blake EVERYDAY!
My mom gave Blake a train set for his birthday.  He loves it.  He wouldn't take a nap today unless he could sleep with his train.