Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Those of you that know me know that the worst thing I would ever have to do in this life is to teach a lesson at church in front of people....real live people.  Well,  it is coming true this Sunday.  I have been thinking about it for a month now, and can't seem to make it feel any better.  It actually makes me physically sick to think about.  I know I need to grow up....SO, my lesson is on Gratitude.  Not to bad of a topic.  It has me thinking about a lot of the little things that I am grateful for.  Let me share this quick quote I found that I feel is so great.  It is by President James. E. Faust.  "A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness.  It is an expression of humility.  It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love and well-being."  I love that.  So while my fantastic husband, who I think is the only person who really understands what a big deal this is for me, takes time out of his busy week to actually prepare my lesson for me....It has allowed me to think of the things that I am grateful for.  Enjoy:
-I am most grateful for my little family....It took seven years to finally get up the courage to have Blake and I am so grateful to have him.
-I am grateful for my new gym pass that my husband willingly let me purchase even with a two year contract.
-I am grateful for garbage day every week.  It gives us an opportunity to purge our lives and it feels so good.
- I am grateful for the conversations that Blake tries to have with me all day long.  He really thinks he is having a conversation.  It is so cute.
- I am grateful for this picture that hangs on my wall.  Even though it is significant in size I love it.
-I am grateful for Kim B. Photography. We have so many professional
pictures of Blake because of my sister Kim, and her photography.
-I am SO GRATEFUL my husband knows of my fears and is willing to help
me by writting my lesson for me. I love him.
There are so many other things that we all have to be grateful for....Wish me luck on Sunday!!
(Sorry about the way my list turned out...I couldn't quite figure it out and this is as good as you 
are going to get!!)


The Taylor Family said...

I totally understand that fear, for it is mine! I would avoid it at ALL costs! What a sweet husband to write your lesson for you! It is so fun to see pictures of you and your cute family! Were you ever able to login to our private blog? Email me if you couldnt.
Love Becca

Lebo Family said...

Alli, You are going to be great on Sunday!! Just say what you said on this post it sounds great! I know that doesn't make it any easier. I feel the same way about talking in front of people. I just want to run away and cry. It will all be over soon. I will be thinking of you on Sunday. :)Hope you are feeling better.

Kim Burnham said...

oh my, THAT is a beautiful boy you've got there (not a bad picture either:)
you know me and my tear ducts, this post made me bawl!(dad would be so proud!)
love ya gal!

Purcell's Party said...

Alright, Becca, you, and I all have the same fear of teaching a lesson in front of real people!! What is with that? This town must have spooked us somehow or something! Good luck, you'll do great...just pray hard for the nervousness to subside. Gorgeous pic of your little man!! Take care!

Natalie said...

I LOVE that photo above your stairs you have of Blake!!! Just FANTASTIC! Oh, and next time you get asked to speak in front of people, just use the good old Greg Brady line "Something suddenly came up. . . girls say it to me all the time" :)