Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Gratitude

So here we are again on Sunday afternoon with nothing to do and nothing to really post about.  Jeff gave the lesson in Elder's Quorum today at church.  Since he wrote my lesson for last month he decided to just recycle.  I see a trend coming on and I don't mind it at all.  Because as it stands...I don't have to ever write a lesson.  SO anyways, as Jeff was practicing his lesson, it got me thinking about Gratitude again.  So here is Gratitude #4.  I hope you aren't bored...

-I am grateful for the Little People by Fisher Price.  You know, my Mom sent Blake a Nativity Scene by Fisher Price Little People.  It is so great because it keeps him from playing with the other Nativity Scenes I have up.
-I am grateful for the way Blake says "AMEN", but it sounds more like "AMA."  He says it everytime he hears it at church.  
-I am grateful for is probably the best store ever.
-I am grateful for the Christmas light show at the Patterson's house in our neighborhood.  It has already provided  so much entertainment during the first week of December.  It is so great.
-I am grateful for the nice things that my yoga teacher has to say every Saturday.  This Saturday, she left us with two nice things to think about.  The first was "Be Love."  In all situations in life, "Be Love."  The second was something along the lines of open yourself up to allow blessings and joy come to your in your life.  You deserve it....Isn't she the best?

SO anyways...sorry if your bored with the gratitude list.  I just really feel like it is so important....Have a good Sunday.

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Lebo Family said...

I like the gratitude lists!! Keep them coming.