Monday, December 29, 2008

Tarali's Tidbits...

So I know that I have sort-of slacked the last little while on my blog.  Truth be told, my friends at work who convinced me to start a blog, also convinced me to get on facebook.  So my time has been spent on facebook contacting old friends.  It is so fun.  I feel like I'm so young again finding all these people.  So I'm trying to not be to much of an internet junkie and facebook has been getting all of my attention.  I was spending some time tonight catching up friends blogs and I noticed the my cute friend Tarali had updated her blog.  Tarali spent a little bit of time this year doing humanitarian work in Zambia.  I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this but I was so touched to the core by her most recent post.  Tarali has such a way with words.  It would be worth your time to read it because I am certainly not going to try to repeat it.  It needs to come from her.  Give it a try.  Her link is over there to the right.  

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