Friday, February 20, 2009


I was sitting here last night after Blake had finally gone to bed and the TV was not on,  It was nice and quite.  Jeff came and sat down and we started to talk.  I love these times.  It is so nice to be able to reconnect and to catch up on each other's days.  So my post today is a gratitude list for for Jeff.....

-I am grateful for Jeff's sense of humor...he has a gift that can make every and any situation humorous.
-I am grateful for Jeff's relationship with Blake.  He loves him so much, everything about him.  And the feeling is mutual.  Blake talks about Daddy all day long.  Daddy, comes up in his mumble of a conversation constantly through out the day.  He runs to the the door every night when he hears "Daddy's" truck in the driveway.
-I am grateful for Jeff's relationship with his family.  
-I am grateful for the way Jeff honors his Priesthood
-I am grateful for the way Jeff takes care of our cars....he really likes them clean.
-I am grateful that Jeff keeps a journal on our life and he really takes it serious.
-I am grateful for Jeff's ```` with my family
-I am grateful that Jeff collects my receipts and balances the books...then I don't have to.
-I am grateful that Jeff supports me with my job.
-I am grateful that Jeff is willing to get his MBA.
- I am grateful that Jeff cleans the house with me....
-I am grateful that Jeff listens outside the door of Relief Society when I have to teach.
-Okay, and lets be honest, I am grateful that Jeff writes my Relief Society lessons.

There are so many more and so much that he does for our family.  I am lucky to have him.


Clint and Jinger Miller said...

We at work (Jinger, Tarali, and Rachel) are also grateful for Jeff at work too!! Thanks for letting Ali come play with us at work.

mckenna said...

Awwww!! So sweet!!

Janet said...

your blog is so cute! thanks for letting me know about it. ours is

Janet said...

p.s. i'm also grateful for jeff's sense of humor. Two words: brazilian sausage!

megship said...

We love Jeff too! We love you as well! I might be a tad bit funnier than Jeff but he is alright. What about a Sunday dinner here soon?

Dana said...

I'm glad you have such an awesome guy to go along with such an awesome girl! And I'm sure you could write really good RS lessons as well!:)

Kim Burnham said...

I feel like I'm going to cry! (big surprise I know!) amazing little sis, simply amazing!
thanks for sharing :)