Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gratitude # 3

So I've been thinking that it is probably time for the next gratitude list.  I was at my yoga class last Saturday and before the class ended my yoga teacher said that we should take time throughout the day to find gratitude for the exact moment we are in.  I love that.  I feel like this is something we should all be making an effort towards everyday.  So then class ended and on my way out of the room, in front of about 45 people I fell.  Yes..I fell.  One of those really embarrassing falls that I'm sure everyone went home and told there family about.  I even have the bruise, one week later to prove it.  It is about the size of a softball and right on my shin.  I struggle to find gratitude for that exact moment, but you know....I'm kind-of  a work in progress.  So here goes my list...
-I am grateful for flowers.  All kinds of flowers.  I had such a good time picking out all the different flowers for my arrangement.  It was so fun.
-I am grateful for good friends.  I have good friends all over my life.  I've got good family friends, that includes you Tanya.  Good work friends.  Good church friends and good highschool friends.  It is so nice to know that they are all a part of my life and it makes me want to return the favor.
-I am grateful for Elmo.  Well, actually Blake is grateful for Elmo, therefore, I am grateful for Elmo.  
-I am grateful for warm weather in November.  When you have a 20 month old that loves to be outside, this makes a huge difference in your life.
- I am grateful for lifestyle changes.  About 8-9 months ago Jeff and I made a lifestyle change and it is so much better for us.  We feel so great.
- I am grateful for fabric... I love fabric.  Actually, I could stack it in a CLOSET and be excited to just look at the stacks.  
- I am grateful for organic and preservative free food.  This goes along with the lifestyle change.  It just feels so much better to eat food like this.
-I am grateful for Harmons and the good quality of food/produce they offer to consumers like me.

So let's not forget to be grateful...and enjoy your Thanksgiving week!!


Tarali said...

and i'm grateful for you! seriously!

Natalie said...

Love, Love, Love Gratitude #3!

Kim Burnham said...

ok sis - my gratitude list coming right up! thanks for inspiring me . . . you're the world's best sis! and I'M GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!

Kim Burnham said...

oh, and I love that you fell! classic sis!!!!