Thursday, November 6, 2008


Not that I'm trying to do overkill or anything...but while reading and reading the lesson that my husband prepared for me on gratitude...we talked about how important it is to express gratitude often.  I just really feel like gratitude is so important to have.  I feel like it is the basis for everything.  We should be expressing our gratitude even for the small things in our lives.  SO I've decided to make this a regular post on my blog.  What better place to publicly mention those things in my life that I am most grateful for.  Jeff and I used to keep a gratitude journal and it seemed to help always remember all that we are blessed with.  So here is my Gratitude #2 list:
-I am grateful that my lesson is over....such a relief.
-I am so grateful for Blake's scruffy hair.  I think it is so cute and can't bear to cut it.
-I am grateful for the right to vote.  Even though my candidate didn't win, it doesn't matter.  Just that we have the freedom to vote is something to be grateful for.
-I am grateful for our play date yesterday at Kangaroo was so nice to get out and Blake thought it was so fun.
-I am grateful for the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey...this book is awesome.  I am so glad that Jeff and I are reading it together.
-I am so grateful for Jeff...He is my everything.  Did you know that he left Priesthood on Sunday to listen to my lesson with his ear to the door?  And then..when I finished..he opened the door just slightly to give me the thumbs up...
-I am grateful for my job.  I love my days at work and I love what I do.  I am grateful to be able to spend my days with patients that are constantly grateful for the small things.  

Don't ever forget to be grateful!!


mckenna said...

How cute are you?! So last night I spent like thirty minutes SEARCHING for your blog! Kept pulling up this weird Africa thing. Come to find out after checking the ward list, you don't spell your last name the same as the family in my old ward!! No 'E' on the end. So now that I've got it correct, you can expect frequent comments...mostly strange ones, I'm sure. :) The other day was really fun! I know I'm leaving soon, but we should still do it a few times before I'm gone. And I'll be back a ton!!

And P.S. Cute, cute, cute Jeff with the thumbs up!! Love that!

Kim Burnham said...

wow sis - I'm learning alot about you here!
thanks for the inspiration to be grateful! I'm off to start on my list!

Rachel said...

Great blog!! Thanks for the fun weekend. We are so Grateful for you, Jeff and Blake.

mckenna said...

I've tagged you! Mwahahahaha!!

mckenna said...

You just copy the post. Put in the title that you've been tagged and then post your 10th picture in your 4th picture file. Describe it. Tag a few other people letting them know in a comment on their blog they've been tagged. Just basically copy what I did. It's fun! And now you're no longer a tag virgin! Scandalous! :)